"The Grownup Noise's best asset, however is the songwriting, with lines of love and the changing seasons coming out as gently and colorful as the music itself."

-The Onion A.V. Club


"One of Boston's most promising outfits...a sense of sincerity, wonder, and poetry beats at the heart of skewed folk-pop songs."

-The Boston Globe


"At a time when pop has become most people's guilty pleasure, it is as refreshing as it is rare to find a band that is not afraid to explore the genre as innovators."

-Good Times Paper, Santa Cruz, CA


"They're a band that revels in the beauty of a simple melody delivered with minimal enhancement for maximum emotional effect..."

-The Tucson Weekly, AZ


"The Grownup Noise combines smart lyrics with keen vocals and its songs are doses of melodic sunshine."

-Portland Press Herald, ME 


"This Beantown quartet delivers eclectic but impossibly catchy pop nuggets laced with poetic, thought-provoking lyricism." 

-Seven Days Paper, Burlington, VT


"One listen will very likely win you over. They make arresting music."

-Ryan's Smashing Life


"...I'm sorry to see key members go, but i say fill the vacancy and make a new album for 2016." 

-Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald